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Why bdoc?

Energy awareness and efficiency initiatives, including documentation needs for LEED® credits, are driving customers to be more specific in their requirements for data collection and analysis. Lower storage costs and an ease of collection are allowing facilities to amass huge volumes of facility data throughout design, construction, commissioning and operation.

bdoc® is BI for Buildings™ - an integrated, intelligent software and hardware system for capturing critical information to enhance efficiencies and reduce costs for all facility stakeholders.

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News: BI for Buildingsannounces bdoc® Online, please contact us for a demo or to learn more

The bdoc Process




The first step towards true operational and energy efficiency in buildings is the ability to meaningfully visualize the data generated by them. bdoc helps you do this by providing both the framework and tools to visualize that data in powerful ways.

With bdoc's powerful visualization framework, the mass of potentially unintelligible data is brought together in a way that makes it easy to understand. Energy, environmental, and operational data is turned into knowledge you can use to better manage your facility and its assets.

Empowered by a deep understanding of your buildings, you can act on more than guesswork. bdoc provides you with true operational intelligence and leads to more efficient, better performing buildings.

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